Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) needs little introduction. Billions of Muslims unite in our reverence of Allah’s Beloved, who is central to our personal faith. His perfection, mercy and guidance distinguish Him above all of Allah’s creation. His example is what we strive to emulate not only because it pleases Allah Almighty, but because His path brings our hearts inner-peace. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) continues to enlighten us from generation to generation, and our love and respect for Him is enduring.

The Prophet’s (pbuh) honour is being desecrated through offensive and slanderous stories, cartoons and videos that vilify and insult Him. Muslims across the world did on occasion take to the streets, outraged by these depictions, and regretfully, some reacted violently. Of the millions of Muslims living in countries boasting liberty and the right to ‘freedom of speech’, many have remained uncomfortably silent upon this contentious issue. Apathy has overcome the Islamic communities, and many Muslims, by their inaction, allow this vilification to continue.


What does it mean to be a lover of the Beloved Prophet (pbuh) in this current climate? Our love for the Prophet (pbuh) is being challenged by His denigration. Our Prophet (pbuh) was no stranger to attack during His lifetime; though His conduct and the reaction of the companions surrounding Him was always dignified, robust and exemplary. As followers of His way, we are in a position to reflect His humanity in a constructive, sincere and valiant manner. We need to exercise our own rights and our belief and love to condemn venomous attacks and become guardians of His honour.

To awaken from our slumber of indifference, the first thing we need to begin with is to reflect upon the role the Prophet (pbuh) has in our lives today. Hijaz Community invites you to join us and spend A Day for the Prophet (pbuh) and think about the role we can play in promoting his honour and truly embodying His traditions, spirit and teachings in our modern society. Embark upon a journey of appreciating the Best of all of the Almighty’s Creation.

A Day for the Prophet (pbuh) is a free all-day event comprising of speeches, workshops and worship focusing on making a connection with the Prophet (pbuh). Discover your capacity to understand, follow and connect to the greatest of all of Allah Almighty’s creation.